Everything you need to know about this product 

The ARGOS project is currently at the point of testing the prototype. The prototype consists of one surveillance camera equipped with a jetson nano. We have evaluated the prototype using public datasets and have shown the system performance.

In the next stage, we will find potential customers and design the system based on their desires. Current technology will be the platform for running the desire application by the end-user. The customer discoveries will be started from Nov 2020. We will begin working on phase two of our project, customizing the ARGOS base on end-user desires in March 2020. We will release the alpha prototype in July 2020. We will install this prototype in target locations, evaluate system performance, and get customer feedback and new desires. Based on this information, we will start working on the next versi

on of our product.

1- Pepole counting with object detection

The proposed system estimates the number of people in indoor or outdoor location. A background model of the scene is constructed to detect moving objects (people) in a video stream. Detected foreground objects are preprocessed to eliminate pixel noise and small artifacts by performing opening morphology operation in the foreground image. Counting persons in the occluded foreground object is estimated by counting the human blobs by estimating the grid size. The accurately normalized and calibrated reference grid model is necessary for the grid estimation.