1. Mr. Mohammad Farhadi has been working on accelerating neural networks since Aug 2016 under Prof. Yezhou Yang’s supervision as part of his Ph.D. He published several papers in this field. He joined Nextrea Video as a summer intern in May 2019. During his internship, Mohammad worked on accelerating neural networks using FPGA accelerators and testing the methodology he developed in the university on a real-world application. Mohammad later joined Ford Motor Company as a summer intern in May 2020. He worked on accelerating object detection models, which can e also was president of the Iranian Student Association (ISA) from Aug 2017 to Aug 2018 at ASU.

         assist autonomous vehicles for passing junctions safely.

         Before joining ASU as a Ph.D. student, Mohammad completed his master’s at the                            University of Tehran and started working on several industrial-level projects. He haworked as the project manager and leading a team to set up several datacenters.